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Ashton Irwin♥ on We Heart It.


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The relationship that I’ve grown with these four boys who I didn’t know three years ago is absolutely insane, and it’s incredible. And yet, I’m very lucky that, you know, I get to spend so much time with them.” - Harry Styles

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Zayn being adorable as usual


His facial expressions are to die for


Girls everywhere wish they could have legs as great as Harry’s…including me

harry is adorable when he’s ill and it makes me angry, a masterpost


seriously no one should look this cute when they’re sick get oUT


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Liam pouring water on Harry - St. Louis, 27/8/14

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niallhoran: Got the best surprise before I went on stage in st.louis ! @leinsterrugby sent me the new leinster home jersey with personalised with my name stitched onto it ! Coolest thing ever ! Thank you soo much , can’t wait to wear it at a game this season! #CMONYOUBOYSINBLUE !

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Harry with a birthday hat 27.8.14

St. Louis, MO. August 27, 2014

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